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What is Super Affiliate System 3.0?

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

The official definition of affiliate marketing is when an individual uses their own website to promote or connect customers two other businesses products and services. If a purchase is made through the connection then the individual who made the connection or affiliate marketer is given a commission for the sale. The four advantages to being an affiliate marketer are number one it is easy to set up. Number two there is no overhead cost. Number three you can work anywhere in the world at anytime as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Lastly and the most important is that once you have your system in place you can generate lots of passive income even while you are sleeping.

Just like there are advantages to becoming an affiliate marketer there is also disadvantages. If you are the type of individual who likes to work around people then affiliate marketing may not be for you because the first disadvantages is that you will be working alone. The next disadvantage is trying to choose the right product. If you do not choose the right product or products you will not be successful. So doing the research for a product that is in demand can be extremely time consuming.  Lastly you have to work to succeed at affiliate marketing so if you think you are going to get rich overnight you will not. You actually have to take time to build a business. So to sum up all the disadvantages basically it is just time consuming.

What is Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System was created by a gentleman by the name of John Crestani. The purpose of the program is to assist the affiliate marketer or beginning affiliate marketer from making the most common mistakes that beginners usually encounter. The program also assists in helping people to generate traffic to their website because if there is no traffic then the affiliate marketer can not make any sales. The program is very intense and well put together very similar to an online college course. This program is basically a blueprint to starting a successful home business. This program provides you with everything that you need to be successful such as landing pages, affiliate network referrals, ads, and emails.

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Breakdown of Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System is a 6-week curriculum that is very intense and it comes in the form of 50 hours of recorded training. The student will also have access to the creator of this content John Crestani on a weekly basis for one-on-one coaching. The curriculum is focused on helping the new affiliate marketer to develop in three main areas and they are developing the mindset of an entrepreneur, choosing a niche that they can be successful in, and creating structure and ad campaigns.

The first week of Super Affiliate System is called the setup. In the first week you will learn how to make your first commission by using Facebook ads and leveraging affiliate networks.

The second week of the training course focuses on helping the marketer to find their niche. Once the marketer finds his or her niche then they are taught how to specialize in ad networking and how to create advantages that will make them a competitive online marketer.

In week three of the course the beginning affiliate marketer will be taught advanced marketing skills. This section of the training will show the students how to write advertising headlines that can catch the consumer’s attention and get them to purchase a product.
Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review
Week four of the training will teach the student how to market effectively on Google and Facebook. When it comes to Facebook in particular the student will learn how to generate click-throughs and how to stay compliant with Facebook policies to prevent any ad accounts from getting shut down. When it comes to Google the student will be taught how to leverage Google so they are continuously generating clicks that lead to sales.

Week five of the training will focus on using YouTube ads and native advertising. The YouTube ads can be a quick way to become profitable because every ad click you get is worth a penny. You will be taught in week five how to utilize this YouTube ad click method. When it comes to native advertising you will be taught how to utilize networks such as Taboola and Outbrain to help drive your business.
Finally week six will teach the affiliate marketing student how to scale and automate their business.

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Super Affiliate System Review & Results

One of the most recent reviews that was done on the Super Affiliate System was done by a gentleman by the name of Jeff Lenny. This is one of the most accurate reviews because Mr. Lenny has actually used both affiliate products that were released by John Crestani. He used the 2015 version and he is also used the current Super Affiliate System version. The first thing that stood out in the review is that he states that both versions are awesome and that the Facebook ad tricks that John teaches works extremely well. The reviewer of the product also states that the Super Affiliate System is user-friendly and easy to follow. When using all of the different ads such as Youtube ads, Google ads, or Facebook ads.

You will start off investing a very small daily amount of about $5 and you only spend more when your business becomes profitable. This is another thing that John teaches so you won’t go broke in the beginning trying to build your business. He states John is very accessible especially in the private Facebook group that you have access to. You have to be serious about the product because it is very extensive and you have to be focused and ready to learn. The course is basically like going to college. All in all the review basically stated the Super Affiliate System is a very effective product and teaches you everything you need to know to have a very successful affiliate marketing business.

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