SizeGenetics Review & Results

What is SizeGenetics? How does SizeGenetics work?

SizeGenetics Review

SizeGenetics – The Rolls Royce of Penis Enlargement Device

Clinically Proven + Medically Endorsed

SizeGenetics Package

What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is an extremely well-known penis extender. The product is used by men all over the world. SizeGenetics has been available for more than fifteen years. This has enabled over 500,000 men to enlarge their penis. The product has an excellent reputation in the medical sector and among the users. The product has received certification as a Type 1 Medical Device in addition to being endorsed by physicians.

The device uses traction to increase the length and size of the penis over a specific time period. The product is completely safe due to the high quality of the medical components and materials. There are no health risks associated with the kit for the users. The product is suitable for all men who desire a larger penis. Despite the beliefs of many men, the product is not just for men concerned about the size of their penis.

Men who already possess a penis of substantial size can also enjoy this product. This is because the device offers more than just a larger size. The product increases the self-esteem and confidence of men. This enables them to perform even better in bed. This makes a tremendous difference for numerous couples.

How does SizeGenetics Work?

SizeGenetics has established an excellent track record for perfecting the design of a penis extender with precise design. The features of the device make the product worth every single penny. Some of the most popular features include:

• The device was scientifically studied and clinically proven prior to the creation of the design.

• The ultimate system package includes a 58-way comfort system.

• The MDA (multi-directional angling) provides comfort for using the device every day.

• The device is shipped in a luxurious leather case. The ultimate system also includes a lock and key facility and a travel bag.

• The traction safely delivered a force of 2800gm. This provides the correct amount of tension for the tissues of the penis.

• The penis is cushioned with 3M comfort pads.

• The product offers an elongation bar of one to two inches for larger penis sizes.

• There are more than 50,000 satisfied customers all over the world.

The device works using penis traction. The majority of penis extenders operate with the same technique. The reason SizeGenetics stands out from their competition is the unmatched design, utility, efficiency and showering comfort. The product uses the same technique used by bodybuilders to buff up. When any muscle in the body is subjected to constant tension, there is an expansion of the tissue cells due to micro-tears.

The immunity of the body is triggered which begins the healing process. The cells surrounding the tear release chemical messengers and actively divide. The body then sends more supplies to heal the perceived injury. This is what increases the cell mass. When this occurs every day, the tearing and repair process occurs at the same time. This results in a slow buildup of mass. The final result is an increase in size.

SizeGenetics uses mechanical guidelines to correct the curvature. Maintaining a healthy posture is important for the growth of cells. SizeGenetics delivers the results they promise due to the engineering of the device. All the man needs to do is use the device according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Clinical studies have also been performed by researchers.

The results showed 2800gm traction is enough to trigger the micro-tears resulting in cell proliferation. The change in size generally becomes noticeable within a minimum of three to four weeks of usage. The results of the study also showed an increase of fifteen percent after using the device for eight weeks. After sixteen weeks, this increased to nineteen percent, 24 percent after twenty weeks and thirty percent after 24 weeks.

SizeGenetics has been classified as a Type 1 Medical Device. This is used for the correction of an incurvate penis resulting from Peyronie’s disease. The device is not limited to just this disease. SizeGenetics has also been used by physicians to treat different penile anomalies. If physical activities are being performed by the uses impacting the penis tissue, the results may become permanent.

This means all of the results achieved by the user through SizeGenetics often remain even if the man stops using the device. As time passes, the tissues of the penis start to change. This is what results in an increase in penis size. The increased size of the penis will remain permanent provided there are no medical conditions associated with penis shrinkage.

The user must achieve the penis size they desire prior to discontinuing usage of the device or no further improvements will be gained. The growth triggered by traction is a physical process. This is different than increasing the size of the penis through chemicals because this will not result in permanent growth.


The Benefits of SizeGenetics

• The results are guaranteed
• An excellent reputation
• The device is easy to use and comfortable
• Adjusting the tension is simple
• Includes a $50 credit crunch discount
• A sixteen-way comfort system
• A larger penis is achieved effectively and safely
• Included bonuses
• Risk-free due to the 100 percent money-back guarantee
• The device has been used by over one-half million men
• The after-sale support is excellent
• Adjustable for all sizes
• Includes merchandise such as guides, eBooks and erotic DVDs

SizeGenetics Package

SizeGenetics Review & Results

SizeGenetics has been an incredibly popular product for more than fifteen years. The comfort system is advanced enabling the use of the device with no discomfort. SizeGenetics is appropriate for men with penis sizes between three and nine inches. Medical experts have backed and endorsed this product. This means it is safe to use and effective. This is a positive device.

For any man interested in increasing the length of their penis an average of one or two inches, this product is an excellent option. There are a lot of popular reviews for this product. The conses is SizeGenetics actually works. Several men stated they saw an increase in the size of their penis of two inches. One gentleman stated his self-confidence increased along with the size of his penis.





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