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What is Penomet Penis Pump? Does Penomet work?

Penomet Review

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What is Penomet?

Penomet is a type of penis pump, it’s began selling in 2011. The pump increases girth and length and helps eliminate erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The pump also increases self-confidence, sexual stamina and reverses the impact of Peyronie’s disease. Two years of studies were conducted prior to the launch of this product to make certain all the features desired by the users were included.

From the moment the product was released, the popularity began to soar. The innovative features and design have won numerous awards. This is currently the only penis pump available with the CE marking. This shows the strict requirements of EU compliance have been met. SGS certification has also been awarded to the product to show it meets both EU and US laws for the manufacture of silicone.

The certification also means the product is free of toxins with no trace amounts of any of the dangerous chemicals. The product is safe to use and effective.

How Does Penomet Penis Pump Work?

Penomet is a water pump device. The penis is enlarged due to a gradual increase in pressure controlled by the user. This ensures the individual remains safe and comfortable. The product uses water instead of an air vacuum because it is much more effective. This provides exact volume and pressure through the entire pump chamber. The issue with air vacuum pumps is they can supply more pressure in certain areas than in others.

When the user decides to stop the pump’s compression, the non-return valve is also closed. This is found on the pump cylinder at the very end. A gaiter is used for expansion, this enables the user to apply the same amount of pressure all over the penis. The penis pump was designed using an exact science.

These are the chambers located inside of the penis responsible for holding the blood while the man is experiencing an erection. As the blood is forced into the penis, tears and fissures form in the tissue. This enables the growth of new cells to fill in all of the gaps, the result is an increase in size. The difference in size becomes noticeable after only one session, the increase will disappear with the erection.

Penomet Penis Pump

Does Penomet Penis Pump Work?

When the device is used on a daily basis for a few months, the results become permanent. The best option is purchasing the premium package because additional gaiters are included. This offers the user more pressure options. The user can begin gently and work their way up to a stronger pressure gradually. There are several different packages to choose from.

One package offers a fixed setting with a single gaiter. There are also packages enabling the user to choose from several different gaiters. When the gaiter is replaced, the gradual setting will change. This means the pressure of the pump can be increased safely and gently for more pressure on the penis. A Penomet pump is an excellent option for men with an erect penis between five and eight inches in length.

If the penis measurements are not within these lengths, this is not the best product for the individual. There are two parts to the pump, the gaiter system and the main Penomet cylinder. For the best results, the Penomet cylinder is filled with water. This is to ensure the pressure and volume in the cylinder are equal. The pump expands and compresses to ensure the enlargement of the penis is equal in all areas.

The compression begins once the Penomet device has been placed over the penis. When the compression stops, the end of the cylinder has a non-return valve that will close. The gaiter is then able to expand. This is what provides equal pressure all over the penis. This results in the tissue inside of the penis pushing against the gradient for an artificial erection.

The Pentomet package includes five replaceable gaiters. This enables the user to safely and gradually increase the pressure. Using this device often results in a 65 percent quicker gain than with any other device. Since the gaiter system is interchangeable, the user is able to select their comfort level. All of this means the penis pump does work.


The Benefits of Penomet Penis Pump

The Pentomet design paid exceptional attention to detail throughout the product. As time has passed, the product has successfully competed with the leaders in the industry. This is because the manufacturer listened to what the customers need. The result is a great product that completely serves the intended purpose. The features of the product are unparalleled and include:

• The amount of lube necessary is decreased due to the water.
• According to studies, Peyronie’s disease can be reversed by using the product.
• The product is effective whether or not there is water in the chamber.
• Penomet may be used anywhere including in the bathtub, shower or bedroom.
• A snug fit onto the penis is ensured by exceptional ergonomics.
• With continuous use, the size and girth of the penis are effectively increased.
• The product has been certified with SGS and CE marketing certifications.
• As time passes, sexual stamina increases and erections become stronger.
• The chance of premature ejaculation is decreased with Penomet.
• The fast action enables the user to achieve an erection within fifteen minutes.
• The product is constructed using high-quality (PC) polycarbonate.
• Penomet won the Venus award in 2013 and 2014 for the best product. In 2013, the product received the sign magazine award for the best male enhancement.

Penomet Penis Pump

Penomet Reviews & Results

This is a powerful pump capable of being upgraded. Different strength options are available with the premium package. When the product is used regularly for several months, the results become permanent. According to the numerous reviews, most of the users have been satisfied with their results.

Many of the reviews discussed the different options available. The users stated this helped them reach their goals. The users were impressed by the gain they achieved in girth, the difference forces available and the selection of gaiters.





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